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    Comments (0) Electric tapes

    Comments (0) Cable ties, bases and tools

    Comments (0) Compact three-phase current transformers

    Technical data

    Comments (0) New LED pilot lights

    New LED pilot lights

    Ammeter indicators;

    Voltmeter indicators;

    Ammeter / voltmeter indicators;

    3 colors available.

    Comments (0) Cable glands

    Dear Customer,

    We inform that, in order to standardize the size of the boxes in our entire range of glands, the PG16 measure is now sold in packs of 90 units, with each box having 2 packs of that amount (180 units).
    Therefore, we ask that you consider this information valid and current and not the...

    Comments (0) Analog meters

    Available dimensions: 48x48, 72x72 ou 96x96.
    Direct current or for CT versions.
    To know more contact us by the email:
    Comments (0) New Catalogue

    Dear Customer,

    We would like you to known that MOR Electric has a new image and launched a new Catalog.

    The new prices come into effect on the 1st of June, but we would like to emphasize that only the following references will change:

    - MORNCTB3P6X280 / MORNCTW3P6X280;
    - MORNCTB4P8X300 / MORNCTW...